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There is a mysterious legend in BIRMAN which is called a cat of sage in Burma.
There was a Shinto shrine where the goddess of a blue pupil which ruled transmigration was revered in Burma (Myanmar today) in old times.
Munha with a golden beard was in the buddhist temple with shin of a white cat.
Munha is a thing when dying.
Left shin jumped onto his remains.
The pupil of shin changes in same sapphire blue as the goddess at the moment and has changed into the leaving golden color only the foot for his hair to have touched remains ahead.
Will you also exclude the charm of BIRMAN with such a wonderful legend?

It is very a very amiable character.
The kitten is running energetically and full, and the outside is loved to be spent from the bow window peacefully looking at.
It is just a character of the short hair kind and the length hair kind in the middle so.
We are making person's hand not feared as only the desire touches by the hand at small time.
And, the bath is a loved cat.
Friends who come to play in the house arrange the mouth by all and say, "It is beautiful &good the character".
Our family cats sleep unabashedly sitting on the knee of the person who visited for the first time.
The sweet voice of the voice very.
It is a small voice.
BIRMAN is like "Jewel where it is alive. ".

BIRMAN is a length hair kind.
The hair never gets twisted, never tangles by touching feelings like silk, and never does however.
Maintenance is also easy.
On four feet, there is a white point which is the maximum feature of BIRMAN.
It like is gloves and socks.
A very noble image is given.
However, the breeder is made to cry in this white part in the Cat show.
Really watertight (*mited*) can rarely meet you.
However, the whole like other body & face & conditions etc. is seen and is evaluated in the Cat show.
The color were a lot of seal point chocolate point blue point lilac points etc. , and had seen a lot of BIRMAN of links in the United States.
The body is a size of the inside title, and when the muscle develops, and is snug, it is not, and is not lanky.
BIRMAN grows up repeatedly deliberately originally at years.
JAKE you who became two years old are actually growing up still.
Eyes are almost circles.
They are only eyes which cause a very gentle expression and the colors of eyes are blues.
It is assumed the thicker the colors of eyes are, the better.
However, the colors of the cat that the point is thick like the seal point of eyes are thicker.
Please give mail to the person who wants to learn the thing of interesting person and BIRMAN to the Cat show such as CFA more and me.

Meeting With Birman

The mother did while seeing the recorded book on a cat all over the world seven years ago because she had been completely enchanted, "I want BIRMAN".
BIRMAN which came to my house is boy alias PONTA of the seal point which came from OHAOI for the first time.
It takes serious time to look for his bride and the bride from whom PONTA has become half two years old is alias PEKO.
Big blue eyes had admiration in the Cat show from a lot of judges . And, the mother and I who had had the dream when a lovely kitten was born between two.
However, it has ended in the dream.
PONTA was a body which the child was not able to have so . (tear)